Friday, September 24, 2010


This is cartoon Cyril. He isn`t finished, but I`m still workin` on it. Its really fun. I`m also workin` on cartoon Kateri. I`m guessing the hardest part to do on her will be her hair. It will be quite a challege, I belive. I can`t think of anything else to write, so I guess I`ll write another post later to make up for the short post(aka this one).

Cartoons are fun to make,
They look so funny too,
I like to make them of,
My siblings but only two.
Cartoons are fun to look at,
They make me laugh and giggle,
When they`re really funny,
They make laugh and squiggle.
They look funny when I make them of Cyril,
Or my silly Kateri cartoons,
I make them look silly I make them look weird,
I make them so they look more like baboons.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

All My Way

Training my dragons is broing, esspecially since theres this really evil lesson in the fire training. I got past it once, just a second ago. The only thing that gets them leveled up and is fun are challenges. Luckily, I`m pretty good at most of them, and most of them are fun. Except for one, the looping race. It doesn`t give you enough time, and they make it too hard to get points. The goal is to get two points, and the most I ever got was one! One point! Its crazy! I can`t stand it! Thats why I don`t do it. By the way, there was a mistake in the last post. I`ve unlocked the Astrid Tournament, not the Championship. I think that comes next.

Dragons, Dragons, Everywhere...

...Dragons, Dragons, on the screen! At least, thats where our dragons are. Excluding the one that lives in the forest. I haven`t seen it seen it, but I saw something small(about 13-14 in. long) and black running through the grass yesterday.
  1. I know they exist.
  2. It wasn`t furry or feathery, so it couldn`t have been a rat, cat, mouse, squirrel, racoon, or bird.
  3. Nothing besides the animals above(or the dragon) live in the forest.

On the X-box, I have all four dragons that I can have. Toothless, my first who is a boy, Raven, my second who is also a boy, Aster, my third who is a girl, and Frightful, my fourth who is also a girl. Toothless is the Toothless, Raven is called Raven because he looks like a raven(Grandma said he looks mean), Aster is partly named after the flower and partly named after the main girl character in the movie How To Train Your Dragon, Astrid, and Frightful, who also looks like a bird, is named after the Peregrine Falcon in My Side Of The Mountain. I have unlocked the last tournament, the Chamionship, and I am training Frightful. I`m planning to take a video of the Championship.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I Have Returned!

Yes, I am back! We had to change my password. Again. Urrgh. I have a cold, and a sore throat. Cyril and Kateri don`t belive me though. Art and Drama have started, and I love them! Cyril thought he would hate Drama, but after the first class he said he likes it more than Art! I`m really tired. I think it`s because I had a hard time getting to sleep(sore throat) and then I woke up in the middle of the night. Also, my head hurts. Again. Arrgh. Ow. Grrrrr. I am interested in photography. I took a bunch of pictures with the camera, mostly of flowers and blackberries(yum!). I tried to draw earlier, but I just couldn`t concentrate. I hate having a cold. I finished Black Beauty the other day. It was really good! Too bad it wasn`t any longer. I think I might fall asleep on the keyboard and type(with my head)a bunch of random letters and then probably accidently publish this post. So if you see a bunch of random letters that make no sense(not even to a baby), you`ll know why. Ahhhhhhhh! My head is killin` me! I`m gonna die! The other kids are playing hide and seek, but I just don`t have the energy. I did take a Benadryl pill, so thats probably helping me be sleepy, but I would be sleepy anyways. Rrrrrgh, so tired. I can barely keep my eyes open, but I`ll try, so you have something long to read to make up for the months I haven`t posted anything. Its been just five months, but it seems way longer. In that picture, Auntie Courtney was watching us, and we made cookies! We kept some cookie dough instead of baking them, because I like the cookie dough more than the baked cookies. We made some chocolate chip and some chocolate chip without the chocolate chips, so they were just cookies. I wish I wasn`t sick.
I really like cookies,
They are the best,
We bake some,
Then eat the rest.
I think I am going to fall asleep, but lets hope its not on the keyboard. I`m about to fall asleep. I`m so sleepy that I`m forgetting to type Ts or Fs or I type a W instead of an E or something like that. If I fall asleep, at least I`ll get some rest. I feel like taking a nap, but I don`t want to. I feel like I`ll miss out on something important. I did that once. When I got home from spending the night at Grandma`s, I went to my room and fell asleep, and missed having pizza and cheesybread. I haven `t taken a nap since then, except when I woke up early. After Papa left(which was around 5:45 A.M.)I would take a nap. But that doesn`t count, so I haven`t taken a nap since that one time. Cyril got a really big RC boat recently. Its really big, double propellered, and(since its double propellered) it has two motors. I haven`t seen it in action yet, but from what I`ve heard from Papa and Cyril(and Pippin too), its really, really fast. Since I can`t think of anything else to write, this is all I`m going to write. I think I`ve written quite a bit, considering how tired I am.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


If Cyril really does like dogs like he says, then he woulndn`t shoot them in Call Of Duty 4. Grrrrr. So why would he want to play with our nieghbor`s dogs? He says "Its a video game Audrey, they`re computer animated." And then he tells me not to kill some 'computer animated' bugs in Ratatouille. Rediculous, isn`t it? I`m currently finishing an Encyclopedia Brown book. They`re pretty good. We got 5 yesterday. I`m finishing the last one. Then I`ll be finishing my Chestnut Hill book. Wow, lots of books. Papa gave me a writing assignment. I have to make up a character. Easy. I did that in writing class once. All I need to do is remember those questions I had to answer in writing class about the character. I remember some, like name, age, hair color... But those are the easy things to remember so... I had alot of fun on Easter. The Easter Egg hunt was awsome, though I got about a bajillion whopper eggs and I dislike whoppers, so that definently wasn`t my favorite thing of the day. Maybe next time I`ll be more fortunate. Stupid army games have too many bad words. Halo stinks. Dragons, lizards, wolves, horses, dogs, cats, dolphins, deer, and birds are much more interesting and worth it. "No! No! I hit B! Stupid dog." said Cyril several seconds ago because a dog killed him in his silly video game. I thought that was funny. Oh great, he just killed two. We need more lined paper. Anyways, I`ll write more soon...

Thursday, March 18, 2010


Me, Audrey Patton, firstborn. Hey! I still have that hat!
Papa, my silly, silly, Papa! He is very silly, and the best Papa in the world!

Mama, my wonderful Mama. The best Mama ever.

Goofy, Halo-obsessed, little brother Pippin.

Kateri, little sister and room-destroyer.
About me.
I love to write. Poems, stories, anything. I love horses, cats, wolves, lizards, dogs
and dolphins. And books. I like the word obnoxous. I spell it Abnoxus. I like to make animal noises(barking, moewing, howling, neighing, bird calls, ect.) and screeching noises as well. Also, my laughing sounds sound rediculous too.
About Cyril.
Unfortunantly, I could not find a picture of him; he doesn`t like his picture taken. He loves sharks and reptiles(crocs, gators, snakes, lizards ect.). Not the best reader yet, but he is learning. If I could describe him in one word, it would be lizard. The reason is he wishes he could be a lizard. He used to want to join the army, but now he doesn`t. Now that he knows what war is really like... Well, enough of that. He loves watching Mythbusters and so do I.
About Kateri.
Nothing much about her that I have to say. She wants to be a princess. She wants Cyril`s scooter. The word I would use to describe her would be annoying. Very. Because thats what she is to me. Oh well, she`ll grow older and get a bigger brain someday. Well gee, I`m not so sure that her brain will know that much though.
About Pippin.
A word used to describe him, is obsessed. With Halo! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! I hate that game! And I mean it! Sick. Of. It. Whats even worse is that we have just about every sigle Halo game in the universe. He also (like every little boy)loves guns, and wants to join the army.
About Papa.
Crazy, funny, silly. Those words describe Papa. I love him so much. He is very funny. He is also the best Papa in the world. The best ever.
About Mama.
Though she makes us do schoolwork, she is the best Mama ever. She couldn`t be any better. Seriously. The word I use to describe her is loving.


Draka the first. I miss her so much, but I`ll never forget her, our first lizard and second pet. Also a best friend to our whole family.
Draka the second, our cute little baby Leopard Gecko. Still living, luckily.

Beardie poses for the camera. He loved to pose. I miss him too. He was the second to die.

Little Dawn, our little jumper. She will grow bigger, and then she could jump who knows how far. She could grow to about ten inches, and she can already jump twice her lenghth(she is 4-5 in. at the moment) and I belive she has grown since she moved in, which is about a month.

The goose has won this round ,Pippin.

Pippin vs. goose. Again.

Hi there Kirby. Nice to meet you.

Me and Champagne. She does pretty good with me, accually.

Cyril grooming Bandit, obviously before Bandit was clipped and before Cyril quit.

I finally was able to change my password! I`m so glad I`ve got my blog back. I`m doing good.

Our lizards are doing good too. Dawn, our Eyelash Crested Gecko, is jumping around and sleeping in uncomftorble looking positions as usual. Our young Leopard Gecko is doing ok too. But Drakana, our Jumbo Leopard Gecko, has laid an egg. I can`t wait to find out if it is fertile or not. She might lay another egg, but since she is young, we aren`t sure. She is quite a bit thinner now that she has laid the egg. She might lay several more from now till October, so if this one isn`t fertile, maybe a different one will be!

Horse lessons are harder, now that Cyril quit. Now I have to work Champagne and Bandit, since I will be showing both. I don`t know if I will ever be able to do Rex`s hooves. Kirby is doing good and so is Classy. If I could have named Champagne, I would have named her Chocolate and Cream or Chocolate Milk, well, thats what her show name would be if I could have named her. Her barn name could be Cream, or Milk. I love working with her, even if she is naughty sometimes. Bandit can be a big stinker sometimes. But they`re both good horses.
Art lessons are very fun. I think graphing might be my favorite, so far. Cyril isn`t too happy about the rule though. The rule is, no guns, no guts, no gore. Cyril is only unhappy about the gun part though, he is fine with the rest.
I hurt my wrist yesterday, I`m not sure how, and it still hurts. Sort of like when you twist your ankle, only its my wrist instead. I think my ankle has finally recovered. I had twisted it and then before it could completly recover, I would twist it again, which was very bothersome.
Our vacation was really fun. There was a hot tub, and we brought Crainium and Wise And Otherwise. It was an adventure. About an hour before we headed for home, Papa took us to the lake. We found a raft, accually just some boards nailed together, and put in in the lake. Cyril got on it and used my stick to push himself around. I kind of threw a fit because he wouldn`t give me my stick, which was rather immature of me. I got on it too, and Cyril got his own stick. I used my stick. We were heading towards Courtney and Grandpa when the raft started to sink. I freaked out and jumped off. We weren`t very deep, but I got my pants wet. I can`t remember if Cyril jumped off too. I went back to the lodge to change my pants, socks, and shoes. Later Cyril, Courtney, and Grandpa came back. Cyril was almost completly soaked. Courtney said he had gotten back on the raft and pushed himself a little farther then it was when I jumped off and then the raft started to sink. Again. Then, Cyril jumped off, Cyril says he fell, and, he must have jumped the wrong way, because he got most of his body wet. It wasn`t that deep though. I don`t think it was more than a foot deep, but I`m not sure; I wansn`t there.
Well, I`ve got to go have lunch now. I missed second breakfast. I wake up at 4:45 A.M. and get dressed, go downstairs, have breakfast, and get math done with. Its nice to be homeschooled. After that, I usually read a little of my book and take a nap. Then, I usually have second breakfast. But this morning, I didn`t take a nap and forgot second breakfast. Oh well, lunch is good enough. Besides, I still have tomorrow, and next week. Of course I sleep in on the weekends.