Saturday, February 18, 2012

It's Been a Long, Long Time

Remember Arwen, my little black Himalayan rabbit? Well, my sweet little Arwen bunny is turning 1 year old on February 21st! Oh, she's getting so big! I remember when I met my little Arwen. She was so little, so young, and now she's almost a year old. Time flies. It really does.

Speaking of time flying by, it's only 4 years until I graduate! Then comes college, and then vet college. Yes, I'm still set on being a vet. But wow! Only 4 years until I graduate! I'm finding that really hard to believe. Hannah and I will both graduate the same year. I'm going to go to a college really close to home, but then for vet college, I'll have to go a bit farther away.

It's terribly windy here right now. I think it was raining earlier, but it's not at the moment. Hannah did pick the perfect name for this place- The Land of Rain. Ooh, that'd be a great title for a book. Now to think up a plot...

Let's see, what else is coming soon, other than Arwen's birthday? Well, there's St. Patrick's Day and Papa's birthday in March- not to mention Esther's birthday on the same day as Papa's. Then in April we have Uncle Cameron's birthday, and I think Auntie Tirzah's birthday, and isn't Sierra's birthday on the same day? Oh, we can't forget Easter!

Winter is coming to it's end so quickly, and I'll be glad when it does. Summer is certainly my favorite season- at least around here. Why not winter? Because it doesn't snow enough. It's mostly rain. But in the summer, at least it rains less than in any other season. And it stays light out for longer- though that can also be a drawback, since we might have to go to bed when it's light out. Ooh, another bad thing about summer just popped into my head- mosquitoes. Those evil bugs. Those rotten, nasty, vile, stupid pests that give summer an awful problem. I couldn't describe their evilness completely, even if I used a whole dictionary of insulting words. There just aren't any words insulting enough for those foul insects.

I haven't been writing in my blog for along time, have I? Well, I'm sorry, but life has just gotten so busy. Three rabbits, Writing Club homework, Art Class, piano, and more. Time does fly, often too fast. I'd like it to slow down for a little while, let us catch up on things before it continues to speed along its smooth, endless path. I like that sentence. It sounds very, poetic.

I find summer to be the best season for writing poems in. The clear, black velvet skies of the night, with the lanterns of the night hanging from it, and the ruler of the night flying across the sky until the ruler of the day comes to take her place. The magic of the long, warm days, filled with fun and laughter and friends. Just imagining it, I know it's the most magical of all the seasons- at least around here it is. Yes, summer certainly is the best season for writing poems in.