Thursday, January 13, 2011


This winter didn`t have much snow, though we did get a little recently. It was the day before yesterday, around dinner-time. Papa told us to have lots of fun playing in the snow, because it probably wouldn`t be there the next day. So we played in it in the front yard until about 10:00 PM. Then we came in and ate popcorn and drank hot chocolate(I had tea, though), and then it was bedtime. There was some snow left the next day, but not much, and we made a big pile of it on the grass in our front yard. I got a big chunk of snow and sculpted it into a horse head. The ears melted last night because of the rain, though. It was alot of fun. There`s still some snow left. I plan to get some big chunks of it and sculpt some more cool stuff. I hope it snows again soon.
There`s the horse

And there`s me, holding a snowball.

Here`s a list of things I got for Christmas.

From Mama and Papa:

A horse calender(I love the horses in it!)

Two Chestnut Hill books

The Earthsea Trilogy(My favorite books in the world now!)

Gifts(a book written by the author of the Earthsea books, Ursula K. LeGuin)

A pink scrubby(I always liked scrubbies)

Body wash(I haven`t used it yet, but I bet it smells good)

Some face stuff(four of them, and two are peel-off! Yay!)

Socks(cozy socks!)

A big gold purse from Gene Juarez(with a little gold purse and wallet inside!)

A mini calculator(I love calculators! And I can spell hello on it)

Finger lights(they`re so cool!)

And... last, but certainly not least...

A camera!!!!! It`s a silver Kodak, and it`s so cool! On Christmas I took 217 pictures with it! It`s so cool!

From Grandma:

Pokerjoe(a Breyer horse, and he`s so cute! And he`s my first traditional sized Breyer horse!)

A 1000 piece horse puzzle(There`s so many horses!)

A book about horse anatomy(it`s really cool. I learned alot of stuff about horses that I didn`t know before)

And a horse jewlery box(it`s a musical jewlery box with a rearing horse inside that spins around!)

From Cyril:

A Nancy Drew book

And a tiny puppy jewlery box(it`s so cute!)

Yep, Christmas was a ton of fun. Grandma got Papa a Kindle, and Mama got him a Kindle cover. We got Cameron, Grandpa, and Uncle Mark little remote control helicopters. Courtney got me two little toy horses. They`re really cute. I haven`t named them yet. She got Avigail the same ones. Yesterday Papa helped me put all my pictures I took with my camera on my laptop. The Castle Top computer isn`t working, so I have to use my laptop to check my email and blog and Facebook and stuff like that.

That`s all the big news I`ve got for now.