Monday, June 13, 2011

Devil's Punch Bowl

It was really cool!

Trip Home from Newport, Oregon

The Scenery

The Hat-Confiscating Mama

The Cheese-it-eyed Cyril

The Crazy Audrey

The Pippidude

The trip home was-interesting.

Mama had to confiscate the hat because Kateri and Cyril were fighting over it.

Pippin called Cheese-its 'Cheesy Whoz-its".

Pippin and Kateri were dropping Cheese-its on the floor, so Papa asked Mama to take them away from the kids, so Mama did.

I took crazy pictures.

And much much more...

I guess that's all...


Arwen! So cute!


Curious Arwen.

"What's this?"


Arwen~Sweet, curious, and cute. Black Himalayan doe. Arwen is a cute bunny.