Thursday, February 10, 2011

News of the Weather

This is where the deaceased geckos are buried, and even though I miss them, I am glad that they are in gecko heaven now

The Magical lighting and atmosphere is delightful

The little clearing is surrounded by ferns

The sweet little clearing is one of our favorite places

The Arched Fairy path leads to a wonderful little clearing

The sunlight shines so legendary a light upon the Arched Fairy path

The Arched Fairy path is an enchanted place

The Arched Fairy path: Beautiful whether close or far

The Moon shone bright in the day sky

The weather has been, well, interesting. It`s Mid-Winter, and it was sunny. Horribly, awfully, delightfully, wonderfully, sunny. I know, I know. A combination of good and bad and Winter and sunny makes no sense to you(probably), but it makes perfect sense to me. You see, the bad part is, Winter is supposed to be cold and snowy and windy and stuff like that, not sunny. So that`s the bad part. And the good part, well, look at the pictures and watch the video(and while watching the video, make sure you have the volume on, because I do talk a little). Anyways, things have been going great(and chaotic)otherwise, I guess. And I finished Emily`s Quest today. Oh, it`s so romantic! It`s just so amazing! It was just wonderful! I love it! Everything about it is just fantastic! It`s so, oh, I don`t know what word describes it! How about, a very pretty word that means amazing and awesome and beautiful and romantic and wonderful and the best all at once? Yeah, that would describe it. Oh, sometimes I got so mad at them... And other times I was so happy and delighted and excited! And such beautiful poems! Oh, Emily, you just have to be real! And Teddy, and Ilse, and Perry, too! I ripped up a bunch of wrapping paper as soon as I read that Perry was dead(but then later on I kept reading and found out he was still alive), and when Teddy said that the star he hated most was Vega of the Lyre, oh! I could have killed him! I just love those books!
What is it with 23? I keep seeing it! 10:23, 9:23, 6:23, 1:23, 23 23 23!!!!! It`s so annoying! I just want to stab the clock sometimes! It`s everywhere!
A few nights ago(rather late), I came up with this saying "The world is like a paint canvas, and everyone adds to the picture, good or bad." I wrote it in my diary so I wouldn`t forget. I thought of it while I was staring out my window at the star-laden night sky. The stars seemed to flicker and glow, as if they were on fire, and I kept seeing light silhoettes of trees in the sky. Everything was so Magical! A different king of Magic than the Magic of the Woods, though. The Magic of the Night is a more mysterious and shadowy Magic, but not in a dark, evil way.
The Woods! Oh, it`s like the Wood Between the Worlds from The Magician`s Nephew(Narnia)! It`s Magical! The Magic of the Woods is a light, airy, fairy Magic. It`s bright and serene and full of life! I`m so glad and thankful that God made this beautiful, gorgeous world for us, full of life and light and beauty!
Right now I`m waiting for the pictures and videos to be done loading from my camera, but when they are done I`ll upload them to this. Luckily I`ve got this to work on and keep me bust while I wait. It certainly takes a while for it to load 364 videos and pictures. Mostly pictures, but alot of videos, and videos take a bit longer to load than pictures, and at the moment it`s uploading videos. Yay. 63 more pictures and videos to go. While, at least it wasn`t 464. And they aren`t all videos, or even just mostly videos. Wow. This video is really taking along time. Grrr... I want to rip something into shreds. That`s what I like to do to relieve myself of something(like when I read that Perry was dead). Tomorrow is Rachel`s birthday. She`s turning 12. She`s my friend at Monday School. She likes horses too. We get along really well. Still loading the same video! Arrrrrg! I`m-going-to die! I want to bang my head on the wall, but that would hurt. Finally it finished loading that one video! 62 more to go! Minor relief, you`de think, but to me it`s a major relief! Those videos are still going to be the death of me(metephorically, yes)yet! Rrrg. Yay! It`s finally loading the last video! Yay! But darn! It`s taking do long! The video`s only exactly 10 minutes long! It`s shouldn`t take too long to load! But it is anyway. And it`s annoying. Yay! It`s done! Ok, just a sec... Hmmm... Darn! The video won`t load. Maybe some other time. Anyways, that`s all for now. Maybe later I`ll post some pictures of the Wild Labrynth. I made it yesterday. And I added some adjustments today. It`s really cool.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I was checkin` out Avigail`s(my cousin) new blog(in my link list, Avi`s Blog), and I wanted to make another post. I don`t really know what to post, so I guess I`ll just say a few things. I`ve been reading the Emily of New Moon books. I`m on the third(last)book. They`re by L.M. Montgomery(not sure if that`s how it`s spelled), the author of Anne of Green Gables. The Emily books are really good.

Emily Starr(the Emily from Emily of New Moon) also has a problem with italics(she likes to use them alot, too much, perhaps), but I think mine is a bit worse. I`m insane about them. She writes stories and poems, like me also.

Anyways, I guess that`s all I`ve got to say, except...

Farewell I shall say for now,
But not forever I garantee,
Don`t forget why or how,
It`s not forever don`t you see?

It`s not my best, but I guess it`s good enough.