Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I`m Back-Colornut

Hello. I`m Audrey. I`m a colornut. Rainbow. Here is how I spell gun: gunm. I did that on accident once, and I think it`s really funny.
There`s nobody I`d rather be,
Than just simple, wonderful, awesome me!
That`s true! There is nobody I`d rather be than me! And I wouldn`t be so great if wasn`t me. Everyody is best at being themselves.
Now, I`m trying to decide between two different breyer horse kits. They`re both the same, except a few things. One is an Arabian that`s walking(I got that one before, a long time ago. It didn`t turn out too well. I still have the horse, but it`s not in great condition. It`s still in one piece, but some of the paint came off of the face, back, and various other parts of it`s body.). The other is a horse that standing. The Arabian comes with black and white hair, and the other one comes with brown and a different color. The standing horse is at ToysRUs for $12.99. They might have the other one, but last time we were there(Friday), they only had the standing one. On Amazon the Arabian is $19.75 and the standing one is $16.88. If I do get one, I`ll probably get it from ToysRUs, `cause they`re cheaper there. Yeah... Me not good at deciding. Arabian:
I guess that`s all I`ve got to say for now. Bye!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Hello there.

Ah, yes, this is me.

And me, again.

Ah, yes, there I am.


Mmm. Yes. That`s also a picture of me.











Colors are awesome!

Red = Courage

Green = Honour

Blue = Magic

Yellow = Strength

Orange = Will Power

Black = Me!

I am Courageful!

I am Honourful!

I am Magicful!

I am Strengthful!

I am Will-Powerful!

I am Me-ful!


I am also...


Good for me. I likeses colors. Me feeling hyperful...! Look out below!

And so now you know about...