Sunday, July 22, 2012

Today's Surprise

Mom and I were sitting at the table, playing Scrabble. Papa and the boys were going to get some stuff from some store. Kateri was playing in the front yard.
"Look at my letters," I laughed, holding them up. "They're awful. 'Oooiiie'!" Mom's letters weren't too amazing either. I was talking about my letters when Kateri came in with something dark-colored in one hand. She put her other hand over it.
"What are you holding, 'Teri?" I asked, walking over to her.
"I found a hurt bird in the col-de-sac!" she exclaimed, walking towards us. She moved her hand a little and I saw the dark head of the poor little birdy. "A car went right next to it and it didn't fly away," Kateri informed us.
We now have the little bird in our old "hatch-your-own-butterfly" butterfly habitat thinger-ma-jigger. We gave him some worms and a nice stick to sit on and climb around on. He is a very cute little bird, and Mom says we can keep him until he can fly again.
I hope he recovers soon. He's already flapping around a little now and then. We all think he's quite adorable.

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