Thursday, October 11, 2012

Me Again!

Hi there!
Yes, it's me. Again. I know, I know, this blog is boring. Due to the fact that I don't post here often. I seem to have a short attention span for these sorts of things. But I'll try to get you up-to-date on everything every once in a while. And I'll try - but no promises - to be more active on here.
So... Let's see, what's the biggest news? Oh, yeah. Mama is going to have a new baby, Malachi Arcadius Patton (though Papa says he can still re-decide on a name), any day now! His due date is tomorrow (October 12th), coincidentally the day that Psych starts up again. But who knows! Maybe he'll be born on my birthday (October 18th)!
Speaking of my birthday, I'm turning fourteen in seven days. Oh my goodness, I'm old! My birthday party will be on the 20th, a Saturday. It's going to be small, as usual. Though it might end up being even smaller than usual if Mom thinks that Papa should take me (and anyone invited who wants to come) out to do something. She thinks that the house might be too messy due to everyone being busy with the baby. My original plan was to invite Grandma, Grandpa, and two of my friends from Monday School (our homeschool co-op) over to our house and have tacos and brownies, but Mama, Papa, and I are going to have to talk about what we're actually going to do.
Earlier I found a big, fat, orange spider. I named him "Mr. Halloween Fat Cracker Butt Spider". Yeah, yeah, I'm not very mature to name a spider something like that. But that's just me! Anyways, Cyril and I messed around with it (poked and prodded it with sticks), took a picture, 5 videos, and killed it in the last video. It was disgusting. Its gooey, orange guts flowed out of the paler orange body in a disturbing manner. The large body deflated as Cyril used his stick to roll it around mercilessly in its own insides. Yuck. I'm too good at describing gross scenes. Now I'm going to have a dream that grosses me out. I just know it.
I've started taking horseback riding lessons! After all these years and years of dying to take them, I've finally managed to grab hold of my dream and hold on tight! I'm riding at Sundance Equestrian Arts. The intructor, Carolyn, is really nice. And so are the horses. So far I've met Juliet, Divine Design (or DD), and Teak. I've only ridden Teak, though. She's a chestnut Morgan mare, and she's very sweet. DD is a palomino mare, 6 years old. I think she's a Morgan, too, but I'm not entirely certain. And Juliet is a pinto mare with blue eyes. She's deaf, but a really sweet girl. My friend, Rachel, whom I met at Monday School, rides there, too. She has her lessons on Tuesdays. My lessons are on Wednesdays at 5:30 (or so) PM. But during the time that Papa's going to take time off from work (Thanksgiving to New Year's), I'll be going earlier in the day, since he'll be able to take me earlier. But I'll still have to go to Wednesday School before lessons. So lessons will probably be around 4:00 PM. But I don't know for sure.
That's about all I can think of right now. Maybe I'll remember something later today.
God Bless.

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